Volunteer Opportunities



One of the roles that we find most important is having a friendly face at the door on Sundays. A greeter's job is to hand out the weekly bulletin, welcome our guests to our service, and help them find a seat if needed. They also help get hearing-impaired folks to get settled with a listening device, show new folks where the bathrooms are, collect the offering, and help serve communion! They are the people who make sure parishioners want to come back again, and we'd be lost without them. 

Worship Coordinators

Worship coordinators are vital as well. They ​are the folks behind the scenes, making sure the building is secure, the offering is taken to the office to be counted, and tally up parishioners for our records. They also help with many of the duties of the greeters. Often, a worship coordinator is a cornerstone of our congregation - they know who everyone is, where everything belongs, and what to do in emergencies. The pastors rely on their support! If you're not comfortable in this role, you're always welcome to come help them out as you can. 

Money Counters

Because we are blessed to receive an offering at both services, it's important to have a reliable, responsible staff in the office to count the money. It's not a boring job, either! And if you're worried about missing the service, we have the live stream of the service playing so you can hear the message that's being preached while you serve! 

Sound Team Aide

The sound team is responsible for the audio and visual elements of worship. It is a wonderful and fun opportunity to learn more about sound equipment and get a peek behind-the-scenes!

Landscaping Team

We need your help to maintain the gardens, shrubs and trees that surround and fill our church yard. We need folks who can run a weed-eater, gardeners are needed for weeding and maintaining the terraces, we have a rose garden needing lots of attention, and we also need folks who can help trim shrubs and trees.


The church already has the tools to do the tasks. We need more willing and able hands. A person can adopt an area and maintain it on their own schedule. For those wanting fellowship along with their gardening, you can volunteer for one of our group sessions that will occur throughout the summer. If you are interested or want more information, please contact me, Les Clark, at (406) 465-3164 or


Consider volunteering to help during Sunday worship! Read scripture, lead the congregation in prayer, and guide everyone in the Call to Worship. This is a great way to connect with the congregation, display leadership, and become an integral part of the Sunday ritual.

For more information on any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact us via email, phone, or a personal visit during office hours. We can't wait to help you serve God!