St. Paul's and Covenant Youth (SPiCY) Food and Fun!

What is a group of enthusiastic young cooks to do when stuck at home? Let's just say, we didn't really stick with 'traditional' recipes!

On Friday evening, the 15th of May, the students of HUMM gathered together via Zoom, shared our intended dishes, put on some music, and away we went! Amid trivia, Pictionary, and dance breaks, the following fares were presented:

Sydney's Chocolate Lava Cakes!

Eva's Neon Snickerdoodles!

Isaac's Hotdog Pie!

Becca's Strawberry Crepe Cake!

Dominic's Chocolate Chip Shortbread!

Special mention to Annika's Tart Tatin and Maggie's Stir Fry, which we sadly didn't get photos of, but sounded delicious!

The only downside is we couldn't taste everyone's offerings, but we greatly look forward to recreating this event in the future!

Now, I must find that recipe for croquembouche....

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