July Church Council Minutes


All Church Council Meeting

July 30th, 2020 Zoom


Rev. Margaret Gillikin, Phyllis Michelson, Donna Turcott, Cindy Baril, Crystal Coffey Avery, Debbie Stone, Hailey Cole, Heidi Gold, Anita Turner, Terry Turner, John Beaver, Marilyn Bomar, Marty Thieltges, Sami Pack-Toner, Sarah Cook, Terry Scow, Dennis s, Tim Holmes, Tracie Kenyon, Vicki Weida, Tome Naegele, Kevin Kirley, Susan Kirley, Terry Atwood, Mary Williams, Violet Malsor, in addition to others calling in, total present 35.

John Beaver-Introduction and agenda

1. Overview of meeting

Rev Margaret Gillikin-

1. Opening Prayer

2. Intro to Zoom

Crystal Coffey Avery- Budget and Finance

1. Overview of 2020 Budget

2. Including all giving and PPP we are left with a remaining deficit of 3,158

3. To maintain in good standing, we would need approx. 36,965


Summary of Budget:

With monthly Giving and scaling back on the budget, our monthly goal is possible.

Heidi Gold-Trustees

1. The new parking lot has been completed paid for by funds from the trustees with help from Dennis, Rob, and Tom is much appreciated.

2. Improvements to the parsonage, added air conditioning

3. Explained building use, meetings and distancing guidelines for use.

Tim Holmes- Solar Panels

1. Discussion about the possibility of putting solar panels on the south side which would be 140 panels that would eventually provide a savings of 5 thousand a year in power costs.

2. Receiving estimates from Solar Montana and seeing if grants are available.

3. Roof would need replaced before solar panels could be installed, suggestion of a metal roof for easier installation and maintenance

4. Concerns would be weather, cost and noise with a metal roof

Summary- the Justice league and the Trustees will look into the solar energy further to provide more information.

Margaret Gillikin and John Beaver –Worship

1. In-person worship

A. Summary of recent survey

B. In-person worship now or in the future with masks and social distancing

Discussion about in person worship


1. to present an early service with a video

2. Continuing On line worship

3. Considering Zoom Fellowship times

Things to consider for in person worship- music, singing, communion, touching, distancing, offering plates, cleaning after use, management

John Beaver- Show of hands for the council’s willingness at this time to attend in person worship.

35 logged in, 4 people would attend, 31 would not.

Considering how to have in person worship safely and still be inclusive.

2. Those willing to put together a team for discussion of how we may do that as follows:

John Beaver, Marilyn Bomar, Vicki Wieda, Terry and Anita Turner

We will continue exploring options for worship.

you may contact the Pastors, Rob or Mauren if you would like to be a part of the on line worship.

Elections and Committee nominations:

Margaret Gillikin- Those leaving leadership

We are grateful for the leadership of these faithful volunteers. Thank you for your service!

Dianna Tande - Lay Leader

Violet Malsor - Church Council Secretary

Lay members to AC - JoAnn Chambers & Marty Thieltges

SPR - Frank Montibeller, Dave Nielsen, Jon Nehring, Roger Stone

Trustees - John Hall, Mike Faehnrich, Perry Brown, Shirley Warehime

Nominations - Don Skillman, Phyllis Michelson, Bill Duncan, Claudia Davis

Stewardship: JoAnn Chambers, Ralene Glenn, Tracie Kenyon

Fundraising: Susan Kirley, Sandy Jankowski, Terry Turner, Roger Stone, Rhea Kuchynka, Phyllis Michelson

Committee nominations

A. Nominations Committee moves to elect Tracie Kenyon as Lay leader

John seconds the motion

Motion carries

B. Nomination Committee moves to elect Phaedra Raymond as SPR Chair

John seconds the motion

Motion Carries

C. Nominations committee moves to elect the nominations as presented in its entirety

A second is made

Motion carries

Reverend Margaret Gillikin- Welcoming

We welcome these volunteers into new leadership positions and are grateful for your willingness to serve!

Lay Leader - Tracie Kenyon

Church Council Secretary - Rhea Kuchynka

Lay Member to AC - Liz Moore

SPR - Tom Woodgerd, Phaedra Raymond, Peggy Hollow-Phelps, Gary Turcott, Heather Van Buren

Nominations - Marylis Filipovich, Pat Callbeck-Harper, Tim Holmes

Trustees - Harold Dramstad, Dennis Mock, Mike Swisher

Finance - Corinne Kyler

Stewardship - Marilyn Bomar, Bob Fitzgerald, Dave Hemion, Kathi Cates, Marti Johnson, Terry Turner


We will not be hiring a youth leader at this time and will be taking Volunteers to help and pray for the youth.

John Beaver- Closing Summary

Pastor Sami-Pack toner- Closing Prayer

Blessed to be of service for the past few years and share this time with all of you.


Church Council Secretary

Violet Malsor

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