Attendance in the Quaran-times - Pictures Included!

Every Sunday, you sit down in a pew and fill out that narrow strip of colorful paper. Name, phone number, class sign-ups, etc. It's habit.

But what about now? You sit down at your desktop, or maybe you have a smartTV and you can sit on the couch. You log into YouTube and click on St. Paul's page to start streaming the online service. There's no way for you to tell us you're there, except maybe the comments section, but that seems pretty public, right? In this day and age, you never know who is looking at your information.

Luckily, Angie (Office Angie! Oh, how she misses the office!) did some digging and found a quick, easy way for you to check in to the online service.

Under the video you stream on Sunday, there is an info box. It looks like this:

Click on the "SHOW MORE" and the very first link is the attendance form! Click on THAT, and you'll see THIS:

When you scroll down, you'll see a few different options, such as the church you normally attend, and if you want to add other people who are watching with you. It's pretty easy! It's all done through the highly-secure church database that we use to keep track of directory information, class attendance, worship attendance, and giving. Trust us - it's like Fort Knox, but Godly.

The key part of this: Attendance helps us figure out the budget each year. Yeah, you read that right! When you check into services, in-person or not, you're letting us know how much money we need to raise, for things like janitorial supplies, the light bill, the paper and ink we use for bulletins and newsletters. You're that important! You heckin' matter!

Your presence is a gift no matter where you are, both to us AND to God. Thank you for being present with us in The Quaran-times!

Love and blessings,

HUMM Staff

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