About Us:

Helena United Methodist Ministries





HUMM, or Helena United Methodist Ministries, is a partnership between Covenant United Methodist Church and St. Paul's United Methodist Church. We are two distinct, but interconnected, congregations who serve God and love people in Helena, Montana. 


St. Paul's is located in the heart of historic downtown Helena, across from the Holter Museum of Art and down the hill from the Helena Cathedral. St. Paul's central mission is to welcome all people of all ages, races, economic statuses, gender identities, sexual orientations, and abilities, and we are a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network in the United Methodist Church. 


Covenant UMC is located near St. Peter's Hospital.


The HUMM partnership began in 2015 as a new experimental church model. Originally, it involved sharing pulpit time among the clergy so congregations at both St Paul’s and Covenant heard from a variety of pastors. It also included sharing office support for both churches.

From the beginning it was important to honor and preserve the identity of each of our two churches. While united in the Methodist faith and some shared history, we are separate congregations with our own traditions and practices. Our churches are offering the Helena area one large and one small Methodist church and providing unique experiences. We enjoy participating in programming from both churches, our children share vacation bible school and youth group, and the adults take classes with members from both churches. We also share space and resources between churches.

We hope our church partnership model offers inspiration to others. As Churches across our nation fluctuate in finances and attendance, HUMM offers a new approach for collaboration that could possibly work for other churches and communities.


HUMM's most important goal is to serve the community of Helena and to ensure our ministries have a broad, felt impact while maintaining a sustainable and fluid operating model. We saw advantages with strengthening our congregations and connections while consolidating some administrative and clerical operations.


One of our earliest joint missions was to launch and support the Bridges program. This ministry to senior citizens in our community has a powerful impact for many, and both St Paul’s and Covenant people worked together to make it happen.  

Today, our mission remains the same: multiply ministries and maximize impact. This HUMM model allows for a variety of pulpit messages, a variety in class offerings, shared mission projects, financial savings, and increased communication and interactions between the two congregations.


We are grateful for the support and passion of our congregations and community connections, and hope HUMM supports and strengthens the Helena community for the next generation!